Forever Together: (A workshop on Husband-Wife relationship)

God created men and women different and marriage is one key that blends the two ‘halves’ to make a whole new wonderful ‘one’! Marriage is a relation that gets exciting and adventurous with each new day. What remains constant is the togetherness of the two of you. We do more than best, in making your relation deeper and more meaningful for each other.We want to give you a new way of understanding your spouse and your dynamic equations.

It’s the draw, the pull, the magnetic attraction that leads you to give yourself to this person in a way you don’t give yourself to anyone else on the planet.

Relationships go through stages of advancement and have the potential for continuous growth. This growth requires trust, commitment, skills, caring, reciprocity, and effort. Our team specially designs these workshops to understand the pros and cons of this relationship thereby leading to a whole new you.

Marriage has the uniquely powerful capacity to transform you both into more loving, generous, courageous and compassionate people. We make this path easy for you to walk. The individuals who have attended our sessions have found a new equation discovered for them.A workshop that leaves you feels like a newly-wed ready to cherish each moment with craziness of child and sensibility of a couple.