Design Your Own Destiny: A character building workshop for age group 13-19 years.


A hand-crafted workshop for sensitive teenage years, that ensures balance in studies, friendship, family, career prospects with a sense of responsibility. A work shop that leaves long term effects by resolving conflicts, fear of failure, peer pressure to name a few.

Focus on building up your character. Character is what you are made up of, who you are. Reputation is what others think you are.

Because character plays a defining role in choices and overall performance, it's essential for teenagers to understand and develop positive character traits. You can help your teen build strong character, which can enable her to successfully navigate a variety of situations.

Parents today contend not only with yesterday’s worries but also the new challenges of digital age. It’s a unique in-between period from childhood to adulthood, and it’s helpful to remember that problems during this time are actually normal. But teens still require guidance, encouragement and good ideas to see them through to adulthood.

We Teach it.   We help them learn to walk a mile in their shoes.

We anticipate it: Character can be fostered by projecting moral strength into their future. By the time they’re an adult, they will be such a person of strong character. That’ll be really cool!

We repeat it:  We find every opportunity to work it into the conversation or an activity. Using all of the strategies, we work character issues into every possible situation in a remarkably diverse number of ways, giving you results for life time and become your COACH FOR LIFE.