Founder’s Message & achievement:

Bhavin Jitubhai Shah is a Leadership Consultant & Business Coach. He is a Youth Icon. He through his Organisation COACH FOR LIFE has reached over 1,20,000 people in 49 cities and 15 states across country in a short span of 5 years directly and few lacs more through videos, DVD, BOOK, Social Media. He has lead 33 workshops (16 Sessions each) in the area of  Business , Women Transformation and  Couple Oneness with exemplary and huge transformations. He has also been an Inspirational Pathfinder to hugely Successful Entrepreneurs in various fields and other top  Business Entities providing Leadership excellence for taking their organizations to the next level. His specialisation includes but not limited to, Joint Family Conflict resolutions, Individual becoming true to his self, Paradigm busting of what a Woman can accomplish, Creating socially sensitive citizens, Transforming Individuals and Businesses from thinking mode to ACTION MODE which produces unprecedented results. At a Young Age Of 36 yrs, He truly is a gift to Humanity.


“Nothing brings me more happiness than the smile on the face of other because of me.”

Mr.Bhavin J. Shah, The Founder of Coach For Life is a co-author of a book named UNLEASH YOUR HIDDEN POTENTIAL and has been published in 2017.